The Power To Heal - Josephine Grimes Holisticare, Complementary Therapy Practitioner, Ireland


Kinesiology is a therapy which, while founded in the West, incorporates techniques from Chinese healing therapies. Muscle testing is used to find imbalances/weaknesses in structural, emotional, nutritional or electrical systems and the appropriate techniques to achieve balance.

 Kinesiology Treatment

The client remains clothed throughout the treatment and may sit, stand or lie during a balance. The practitioner uses an indicator muscle, either in the arm or the leg, to get feedback from the body about the issues to be dealt with, whether structural muscle imbalances, emotional stresses, nutritional deficiencies/excesses or electrical imbalances, and the balancing techniques to be used to enable healing to take place.

 Benefits of Kinesiology

The benefits, which are wide-ranging, include balancing muscles, which is very effective for shoulder/back/hip/knee pain, caused mainly by imbalanced muscles pulling the back out of alignment. It is also beneficial in dealing with emotional stresses, fatigue, addictions, fears/phobias and traumas, allergies/sensitivities, co-ordination, dyslexia, hyperactivity, skin conditions, weight issues, flexibility and sports performance.